Two Big Bs — Budget & Babu

Now that the media dust is beginning to settle on the Budget, here are some random thoughts and observations.

• The sleight of hand on Fringe Benefit Tax sucks. Making a grand announcement in Parliament (“I propose to abolish Fringe Benefit Tax”) while slipping in a proposal through the Explanatory Memorandum (to shift the burden to employees) not only stinks but reeks of traditional Congress behaviour – double standards and hypocrisy. It is also symptomatic of the party’s historical political culture. One would have expected the Ministry and the Finance Minister to be a bit more transparent. If this is how the government of the day behaves – surreptitiously, hiding behind opaque deals while making pious announcements in Lok Sabha – then one wonders what kind of example they’re setting.
• The market has come under heavy flak, and rightly so. It overplayed its hand and came up short. But, the market never seems to learn – this is a kind of behavourial pattern that keeps repeating itself. Many institutions published reports stating that the government was unlikely to accelerate its reforms programme from 0 mph to 90 mph in just a month after getting elected. And, that sounded pretty logical. But, markets never leave anything to chance – what in case Pranab-babu has a change of heart? What if Rahul-baba weighs in? Buy now or repent later. Interestingly, it may be instructive to read some of the Budget reports published by the broking houses – both foreign and domestic – the next day. Almost all of them have taken this holier-than-thou attitude and have roundly criticised the market for over-reacting. If everybody in the market is criticising everybody else, then who – in the name of the sweet lord — sold? Somebody’s gotta come clean soon.

• Some governance rules never change. When not in favour of fast-tracking a proposal or an idea, set up a committee. Pranab-babu has announced a huge number of committees in his budget speech. Mocha Master’s pick from the many committees announced – an expert group “to advise on a viable and sustainable system of pricing petroleum products”. Which means: free pricing in petroleum products is unlikely till the Maharashtra Assembly polls next year.

• And, finally, this is what a friend and former colleague, who now lives in Hyderabad, had to say about the Budget: “Pranabda was doing more than just sniffling behind his hanky…he was playing hanky-panky..!”


2 thoughts on “Two Big Bs — Budget & Babu

  1. Can you expect reform from a FM who idolises the Nationalisation of Banks? So at the end of the budget we find ourselves having the same amount of tax liability as earlier. Remove FBT for the companies and replace it by additional MAT.
    FBT removed, so some documentation work for employees reduced, but then the employees are asked to pay tax on ESOPs and Superannuation contribution, benefits of which will be accrued sometime in future. And the FM has the nerve to quote Chanakya about not taking unripe fruits from the tree. Lets call this as neo-consistent Budgeting


  2. We probably have the worst budget post independence (guess pre independence it was a question of how much remittance the Indians could make). Beginnings of robin hood idealism and a delusion or hubris that everthing will heal. Guess, time wounds all heels.


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