Two-Bit Theory

Monday Morning and yet another epistle on the latest election results. I know, I know…there have been too many of these post-election analyses and I can even hear you groan, but this had to be written. Here are a couple of my observations.

* This general election will go down in the history books as the election of spoilers. Look around you. In state after state, whether it’s Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra, some spoiler or the other has eaten into traditional vote banks and screwed someone’s chances. There are two ways of looking at this development. One is to assume that they are working under the umbrella cover of some large party and have been created to spoil another large party’s prospects. Second, if not, then these elections were the just the semi-finals, they were testing the waters and are now preparing for the next elections.

* The overwhelming support for Congress is, I think, is the voter’s way of showing his middle finger to all the various fronts and two-bit parties hoping to trade their four-five MPs like bargaining chips. The voter saw through the game when pre-poll alliances went out of control.


One thought on “Two-Bit Theory

  1. Observation 1 :- Dot on the spot. You can add Tamil Nadu too. For the matter, the spoiler in Maharashtra was more evident by the fact that Congress could have lost about about 7-8 seats had it not for MNS.

    Observation 2:- Agree to some extent, but more than Congress winning this time, the opposition last in many places. That remains the underlying fact.


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